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Aunt Dee


Aunt Dee’s is a locally owned, small business making handcrafted bath and body products from scratch and in small batches.  


Being able to control what goes onto my skin is important to me, that is why I make all products from scratch, not from a pre-made base.  I even make most of my soaps the hot-process method because I like to control what oils and butters are superfats (the leftover oil in soap).  I want a soap that has lots of bubbly/creamy lather, doesn't dry skin, rinses clean from the tub to reduce soap scum and has a great scent.  It has taken me a while, but after the years of research and trial, I feel I have developed that right balance. 


Over the years I have added different product lines.  I make a thick, rich body cream (absorbs quick and non-greasy), solid lotion bars, whipped body butters (with no preservatives added), facial/shaving products, beard oils & balms, lip & cuticle balms, and more.


Because many customers have allergies to certain oils or butters and some want certain types of soaps (goat milk, vegan), different recipes are used, and a full ingredient list is put on all products.  I use therapeutic grade essential oils or high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils for scent and high-quality oils and butters like avocado & sweet almond oils, shea, cocoa & mango butters and more.  It costs more to make but I feel it makes a better finished product for your skin. 


We started in Tennessee and now live in Arthur, Illinois but continue to offer the same great quality products at craft shows and always here online.  Follow me on Facebook for upcoming event locations.


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