Multi-Use Menthol Shower Steamer - 2pack

2 scents:  Breathe Well: Eucalyptus Mint  &  Relax & Rest: Lavender


This menthol shower steamer comes in an organza bag to be hung in the shower and can be used more than once, depending on how wet it gets.  If you take a long shower and want it to last (or short showers and get multiple uses) just hang the bag in the shower area and sprinkle with water to activate tablet and start the aroma (the closer to the head area the better).  If you want a stronger scent just add more water... if you want to use the rest for another shower just shake excess water off bag and hang in a dry area.  Since it is in a bag you don't have to touch the tablet, if you do please wash hands promptly after.

Multi-Use Menthol Shower Steamer - 2pack

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